The Twisters is an a capella group, formed by Nicoleta Gavrilita, Izabela Simion, Marina Arsene, Ana Dubyk and Roxana Ardelean, graduates of the jazz department of the National University of Music from Bucharest. the girls started singing together out of playful fantasy and enthusiasm, going down a harmonic road full of creativity and beauty.

   Through the quintet's influences we can find the atmosphere of the first decades of the 20th century, then the jazz of the 50s or songs of the 90s Their repertoire also includes compositions written especially for them, among their own arrangements.  With a little bit of effort, with love and very much happiness, the 5 girls form this group which will enchant the public every time by their natural way of interacting with the audience,  the joy that every person can feel while listening to them.

   They had concerts in Bucharest, Sibiu, Timisoara, Constanta or Ploiesti, in jazz clubs such as Beat Bar Umanist, Green Hours, radio show 'The Rehearsal Room'. They held a concert in the forth edition  of the Jazz TM Festival in Timisoara (2016). At the end of the festival, the American singer Dee Dee Bridgewater invited them on stage to interpret a song from their own repertoir. Their most recent projects are "Jazzy Tarot", a musical written by Mircea Tiberian inspired from the texts of Saviana Savescu, Marta Hristea, Bertold Brecht (Mircea Tiberian received this year the Composer's Union Prize for Jazzy Tarot) and "Unfortunately The Show Must Go On” in collaboration with both Mircea Tiberian and Maurice de Martin, among other young musicians from Bucharest.


   Halcyon is a project born in 2018 in The Netherlands. The idea behind it comes from the meaning of the word "halcyon" - peaceful or carefree. The words has also a myhtological story, where halcyon was a bird that had its nest on the sea and had the power to calm the storms which is Ana's idea about the power that music has on the environment.

   The project presents Ana's original music, through which she is trying to send the message of empouring as an individual - the idea of asking  ourselves the question of what is the solution to make this world better and to find ways to act on it .